Concise Writing: How to Write a Strong Essay With Fewer Words

Steve Majestic
Oct 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Today, teachers need college students to write essential essays in less than 500 words. Before you read that 99papers review, you must ensure that you can write a meaningful essay in even 250 words. This may not be easy especially if the topic seems broad and wordy. However, if you want your essay to be meaningful and short here are a couple of tips that will come in handy.

Stay away from the implied redundancies

These are also known as filler words. They are words that are meaningless. They do not add any information to the essay. Once you are done with writing your essay (in as many words as it takes you to complete it), read over it. Remove any words that are not adding any value to your work. If the sentence still makes sense without any of the words, eliminate them. The same goes for your paragraphs. If there are certain sentences that you can do without, delete them. This will significantly reduce the number of words from your essay. Instead of using those adverbial phrases, use just one word. It will make your paper easier to understand and less wordy.

Add more facts than opinions

The best way to support your thesis is to write facts that you can cite and that can be proven. Make sure there are at least five facts that back your topic. This step helps you build an outline that makes it easier for you to write and complete. It also allows you to have a clearer preview of the quality of your argument. It will also make it easier for you to stay on topic.

Keep reminding yourself of the purpose of your write up

Always keep in mind why you are writing the paper. Your primary goal is to offer impactful communication. Once you know what you want your reader to get from your essay, stick with it. Make sure that your audience will focus on the main points and that the facts are believable. However, make sure that each sentence is unique and brings a new information. If you repeat your points, you end up losing your audience’s attention. Also, ensure that you lead with your strongest points. This should be the part of your paper that would catch the reader’s attention.

Keep your word count in check

You must ensure that you know the number of words that each section of your paper should take up and stick to that number. For instance, the introduction and conclusion paragraphs should only take up 10% of the word count each. Therefore, if your paper is 500 words, the introduction and conclusion should only take up 100 of them combined. The thesis is part that makes up the introductory paragraph, although sometimes it may be counted differently but only by an increase of 20 words. The rest of the paper should be your body. It should support your thesis with facts and citations.