How to share data from a serial port to a remote computer

If you hired a freelance programmer who lives miles away to write a program that read data from a serial port on a PC in your organization, you might want to make this data available to the developer to make their development easier.

Here is how to do it. When this is done, the developer will have the access to the data on a local port just like it does on the machine that connects to the equipment.

Program you will need

It has two versions, one for server, one for client. Please download them.

On server

On server, find out the port that receives the data from the equipment. Let’s say it is COM4.

then run:

tsb -p 3

If it is on COM3, then use 2 in the command, and so on. This maps the data from COM4 to the TCP port.

On client

On developer’s machine, they can use this command to connect to the server

tsb-client -p 3 -i is the ip address of the server. 3 means COM4 locally. This connects to the remote server and map the data there to locally serial port COM4.

If the developer is outside the network that the server is on, you might need to set up port forwarding in the router etc.


I used two VM for testing.

The server is exposing the serial port data at port 23 and have the ip address of

The client connects to the remote and is mapping the data to local COM4 port. PuTTY connects to the local COM4 and verifies it works.

Originally published at on October 15, 2016.