MacBook Pro 2015 and 2017 CPU Comparison

As a programmer, the performance of our machine is vital to the speed and enjoyment of our development career. I have a MacBook Pro 2015 now, and I wonder how the newest MacBookPro improves compare to the machine I have now.

Here is how to do it, first, you go to everymac to find out the exact cpu model of your MacBook Pro. It may be something like i7–4870HQ. Then, you jot down the cpu model of your computer as well as the newest.

My current cpu is: i7–4980HQ

The cpu in newest model is: i7–7920HQ.

Next, you go to UserBenchmark, to see how two cpu compares to each other:

Since the website does not have the info for i7–4980HQ, I selected a model close to it.

We can see the newest model is about 21% faster.

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