Thoeries on Networks

Some theories based on my observation:

Two devices connecting to one router, one via wifi, one via ethernet. They are on the same network, they can see each other.

When a Mac connects to ethernet and shares this internet via wifi, and a wifi device joins, the Mac acts as the router of the wifi device. At the same time, the wifi device can access other devices on the network that the Mac is on.

For example, we can a Xfinity router in a house. Then, a Mac connects to it via ethernet. Finally, the Mac share its ethernet internet connection and creates the hotspot. An iPad connects to the hotspot which is created by the Mac.

In this case, the iPad not only can see the Mac, eg. access a web server on the Mac, but the iPad can also see the Xfinity router and access its admin panel. I think it is because the Mac “router” relays the IP request to the Xfinity router.

Be aware, in this case, the Xfinity creates a network that in 10.0.0.x range, but the Mac create a 192.168.2.x one.

Originally published at on October 15, 2016.

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