Mind the Gap: Women in Tech
Alexandra Grant

I still struggle to see how this happens, i.e. I know how it happens with bro-culture, disrespecting women, thinking they are less capable, but seems so unintuitive to me in so many ways.

Nearly every company I’ve worked at, or been exec at, or founded is women-heavy, i.e. strong women in traditional male roles, where the best people are usually women and outnumber men in many roles.

Started 30 years ago in maintenance on factory floors, to among the best programmers/techs I’ve worked with, to better managers and leaders all across the board; in my experience the boys have to keep up with the girls, as strong capable women excel in my view.

Agreed having more gender-balanced teams improves ego battles, and we do see shy/less-confident women that need to be supported & encouraged, but once encouraged, they blossom into leaders — we have many examples.

There are of course culture issue, from early life, through schooling, confidence, imposter-syndrome stuff, etc. that we all need to work on, but I’d sure hope we can at least do well in the adult stage, in the workplace.

Ignoring or worse, putting down women is backward, ignorant and stupid all at once.

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