The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
C. Brian Smith

“[Rape] ends in just a few minutes with little-to-no harm caused to the victim… I agree with Mick…. this is absolutely nuts. Rape my wife or one of daughter and there is no place on the planet where you would be safe. If nothing else you would be eligible to use the ladies room. I recall in the not to distant past when conservative took of the banner for executing murders and rapists, and liberals looked for ways to get them off (oh, look, a word was misspelled on the warrant, so all evidence must be dismissed…)

Of course, this makes an accurate report of rape vital. “Regret is rape” turned out to be a real thing… and no one can forget the Rolling Stone/UVa case. But I also dated a young women who was raped, and she carried the scars for year despite killing her rapist.

Otherwise, most of the article was spot on. My solution was to marry a foreign woman. Liberal like immigration, so I got to contribute. Of course, I lose a point as we applied for a visa and then a green card.

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