Being Single Is Hard
Emma Lindsay

There is a lot of truth here. I absolutely hated being single, especially in my early 20’s. And being a single parent can be a special kind of hell, as at times it feels like twice the work with none of the rewards.

So much for the sexual revolution that promised zipless sex with random strangers as a superior replacement for being in love with someone special. Especially as a guy, the singles bar scene just sucks (my 20’s was pre-internet, so no, where you hope to “make the cut” but rapidly find out that finding a “mate for the night” was simply a case of applied statistics. Being a nerd didn’t help, as woman in the early 20’s did realize that nerd was derived from the Latin “nerdus”, which is roughly translated into “greater potential earnings”. Ironically, I had my most success with women in their 40’s that were recently divorced and didn’t mind a romp with a 20 year old (I called them Mrs Robertson's, as the term cougar was not yet in vogue). Nevertheless, I envied my workmates who got married until an overseas work assignment allowed me to find someone (I felt american girls were too picky, but there is a whole world is out there).

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