The Moon, on one occasion
Robert Bingaman

We were in the 90% zone. Our company got everyone “eclipse glasses” and served moon pies during the event.

I ended up using my welding glasses, which worked fine. Unfortunately my procrastination gene caught up to me and I never completed a homemade projection screen for my telescope (my 15-yearold self made one to count sunspots. That made me popular with the ladies at school).

One of my coworker got some decent photos using the eclipse glasses as a filter on his iPhone 7. My $100 phone’s camera didn’t do so well but he emailed everyone his images, so all is well.

What surprised me was how much light was still present at 90% coverage. It was noticeably dimmer and cooler, yet it was still fairly bright.

But you’re right, it was a good day. Divisions gone, if just for a moment.