What percentage of climate change is caused by CO2?
Michael Kelly

You made an extremely valid point, in that all science is open to debate, that is central to the scientific method (all new discoveries are subject to verification by other researchers).

After all, we were told in the 60’s to question authority, so questioning “climate experts” should be both natural and second nature.

Second, there are two forms of science: 1) science driven by experimentation (i.e., chemistry, physics, biochemistry) and 2) science driven by observation (astronomy, geology). Of course, there are some overlaps, as discoveries in physics will help develop theories in astrophysics.

One is not “better” than the other, it is just so wicked hard to perform experiments on the sun (plus, being it’s our only “sun”, it would not be that bright to mess with it, even if we could).

My point, is that politics has reared it’s ugly head in regards to climate change “science”, with “art majors” being some of the earliest and most vocal supports of “climate change”. The reason is simple, the ONLY way to save us from ourselves is to ditch capitalism, and place all economic activity under the benevolent hand of government. Then “gender studies” majors will ensure all jobs (resources) are distributed fairly without regard to gender, race or ability. The irony is I’m not kidding, there are some who this is a real goal, and climate change is just a tool.

If people truly believed in climate change, they would be making more personal investments. Place solar panel on your roof (they are cheaper then ever!). Send you kids to a community college to learn a trade rather than a party University (and use the savings to invest in solar or wind power). Buy stock in such companies. First put your money where your mouth is, then then force others at gunpoint.