The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

Tears in my eyes: How customer service can make me cry

First of all, I need to tell you that I’m a customer service nut! It can make me love or hate a product. And I am very picky - one bad sentence and my love is gone.

Over a month ago we decided that we needed faster iterations on our landing page and we didn’t want to waste our frustrated developer’s precious time with minute changes like button colors, replacing images, etc. It was the first time I came across Unbounce (which is a shame…).

The cheap-ass that I am: I opted for the free package and started building our landing page. It was fairly easy, but I’m not here to praise their system. There were times that I ran into some features I couldn’t implement so I bombarded customer support with questions I probably could have figured out the answer to, had I done a little more research. I completed the landing page and now we have upgraded to the pro package (still within the first month’s trial…).

Even now I’m nearly in a daily conversation with customer support. Every time I send them an email my guts tell me “These people hate me. I’m probably a pain-in-the-ass for them.” (even though every single one of their replies has been nothing but perfectly polite and friendly).

I got up this morning to a new email from Unbounce Customer Success (that’s actually what they call support, which is genius in my opinion). I opened it and while it was loading I was already afraid it was gonna be one of those “Glad I could help, tybb” emails where you feel that the representative is happy about not having to deal with you any longer. But no! They double checked my problem to see if it was still an issue, attached a screenshot of the successful action, and then much to my disbelief, I read

“Steve, I’d love to send you a little gift for being such a pleasure to talk to. Just give this redemption link a click…”

I got a free f***ing t-shirt!

Here’s the free f***ing t-shirt!

From here on I have no more words. A lot of great companies ranging from small to large could learn from this. Not just the t-shirt, but making a frustrated customer feel great about contacting support. If they don’t contact support they might not be able to solve their problem perfectly, which then results in unsatisfied customers, which then decreases customer retention.

That’s all folks.

It’s possible that there are/will be better sytems out there, but I’m sticking with you guys!