How To Be 10x More Successful in a Fraction of the Time

Feedback champions have no limits.

Many years ago I was designing a website for a client. I spent day and night creating little details, perfecting the layout, and making everything look great.

But when I finally showed it to the client, they hated it.

I was devastated.

At first I felt anger. How could they not like what I worked so hard on for them?

Then I took a step back and analyzed their feedback in more detail. While I did not personally agree with all they said, I realized they made some very good points. So I went back to work.

The final result was a website which was spectacular (in everyone’s eyes!).

I learned my lesson, and incorporated feedback into my design process early and often with all my clients thereafter.

My business flourished from there. I went from 2 clients in 2 years, to over 20 in the 3 years that followed.

Here’s why I attribute my business’ exponential growth to my becoming a feedback champion

The Feedback Champion

We have all received criticism at some point in our lives. It can be demoralizing, painful, and make you feel like quitting.

But feedback champions take a different outlook.

Feedback champions are hungry for all types of feedback, and actively seek it. They have a continuous improvement mindset, and are passionate about learning (even if it is a perspective different from their own).

We are not born this way. It is a learned response: a continuous lens of self-awareness and desire to better oneself.

This leads feedback champions to exponential growth in small amounts of time.

How do I become one?

Feedback champions tend to have lofty goals. They envision themselves being better tomorrow than they are today, and work hard to make that happen.

First, assess how you view yourself. How do you define success? Where do you see yourself tomorrow, in a month, in a year, in ten years? What are you doing to make your goals and dreams a reality every day?

Set a vision for yourself. Hang it up in your mind as a constant reminder of where you are going. Use it as your beacon to help guide the daily choices and decisions you make.

Second, think about the last time you received negative feedback. How did you feel? Did you get angry at the person delivering it? Did you take it personally? Did you dismiss it? Or maybe you avoid feedback completely.

In order to reach our goals faster, we need to welcome all kinds of feedback. What if there is a nugget in that criticism you are missing? What if there is a bigger picture you are not seeing? What if others really like what you are doing, while you may have assumed otherwise? What if this is just the spark you need to get 10x better? What if you said, “Thank you for taking time to provide me feedback.”

Third, find the right rhythm for obtaining feedback. Are there ways to incorporate feedback into your routine? Do you have mentors who will be candid and willing to provide their assessments? If not, seek them out.

Of course any feedback we receive will come in different levels of usefulness. Our job is to learn where the best types of feedback come from. Just as we continuously improve ourselves, we need to continue to refine our feedback mechanisms. Part of refinement is also knowing when enough feedback is enough — we do not want to get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Get ready. You’re about to go 10x faster.