When good change plans go bad, and what to do instead.

It’s all too easy to create the world’s greatest action plan just to see it rendered actionless by a leader or team who “memo-fies” it. No, not mummifies — memo-fies. Yeah, they sound the same, and they both involve taking a once-living thing and fating it to be encased in really high-quality paper products for the duration of their existence. But, at least there’s a chance that something that’s been mummified will come back to life — sadly, that’s not the case when it’s been memo-fied.

As you prepare to roll out or support your organization’s return-to-work plan, be careful…

Is your enthusiasm killing your employee motivation?

I once worked for a person who continued to explain and persuade even after I had agreed to complete a task. He would give me an assignment, explain why it needed to be done, and I’d agree . . . which was apparently his cue to kick into upsell mode. He would keep piling on reasons until he was sure I was properly motivated. And once he was sure I was there, he continued with at least 5 more minutes of what he considered pure motivational pump-me-up. But for me, it was deflating. He was actively sucking every last bit…

When Success Stands in the Way of More Success

The load-bearing beam of success is performance. Good performance props up the individual, team, and/or organization while weak performance creates a sketchy, shaky environment that puts your goals at risk. So it’s no surprise that people everywhere are focused on managing, improving, and reviewing their performance — that is, until they start to experience success.

Nothing succeeds like success — French/English Proverb

What is the performance paradox?

It’s thrilling to finally hit milestones, especially those that put the “go” in your goals. And it’s natural to take time to sigh and reflect on what you accomplished before jumping back in. But all too often, people…

Steve Willis

Retired consultant and speaker focused on taking the mystery out of change — one insight and leadership parable at a time.

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