How to make a country rich-The school of life (YouTube video)

Knowledge Claims: This video was about the different factors that make a country rich, and what the ideal richest country (they refer to it as “Richland”) would look like. There are some factors that are fairly obvious, but there are some that you wouldn’t normally think of. They talk about how in Richland everyone would be very focused on working, and they wouldn’t have a lot of free time. They also talk about how everyone would be a big consumer, because this puts money back into the economy. This makes sense, in a country that is focused mainly on making money, people would tend to care a lot about work. However, they also gave an example of how in Richland, the weather would be horrible; gray and dreary all the time. They claimed that this was to discourage people from spending time away from work, but it made me think that maybe Richland wouldn’t be all that great of a place. Parts of the video I felt tied in to people who place a great deal of emphasis on having lots of money. They don’t take many days off for example (people in Richland also rarely take days off). This made me wonder about being rich and the sacrifices that come with it.

Knowledge Questions:

Would living in Richland really be that great?

We like to think that having lots of money is good and makes us a happy. But after watching this video, it made me rethink that idea. The people in Richland don’t really enjoy the small things in life, and they spend way too much time working. Maybe living there wouldn’t be so great.

At what cost does living in Richland come at?

I think there are both costs and benefits to living in Richland. People there have a lot more money, and that money can buy them nice things and enjoyable experiences. However, they also live more sad lives. They don’t spend much time with their family, and they rarely go outside or read books. They seem to be not as happy.

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