• Not sure if tonight was Wenger’s nadir, he has recovered from worse defeats. But plainly it is close to the end of his extraordinary stewardship of my club (not team). His early exuberance lapsed long ago. He has had a resilience since, which has half-driven us mad, but now he just looks drawn and exhausted. His team selections, to the end, are faithful to his philosophy but they betray a naive optimism that is. proving to self defeating. He was never much of a tactician, slow to make substitutions, stubbornly wedded to his formation and trustful of his players impulse. The game this evening was crying out for a cautious approach but he ran out with Ox, Ozil and Iwobi, at least one of whom needed to be spared to make the game more congested in the middle third. Instead Coquelin floundered and the expensive Xhaka disappeared. As Barca found out last night the modern game is won in the middle. Elneny the player this side was crying out for never left the bench. His has been a long stay with a lustrous start and endlessly frustrating end game. He has been a maddening man but probably the greatest manager Arsenal have had or might ever have. Soon he will be gone and for the all agony of nights like these, are there any true supporter of this great club will not rise to him, not feel trepidation as we replace him or ever not cherish what he achieved?
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