52 Weeks of Fatherhood: Week 20

To say that the weaning process is going well would be an understatement. Normally kids cry when you try to feed them vegetables, Liberty cries when they’re finished.

This rapid adoption of solid food is not without it’s challenges. Shortly after she’s eaten the screams start. It’s the scream that you know is down to pain, rather than a wet nappy. This goes on for about 20 minutes. At around the 10 minute mark you start to think, maybe we should just bin-off wean and she can drink breast milk for the rest of her life. While feasible (although slightly impractical), you can’t go back. Reducing portion sizes and massaging her tummy after she eaten seems to help. It’s hard to think that my stomach was ever this delicate. In my prime I could polish off an 18 inch meat feast pizza and still have room for dessert.

This week also marks my return to work after a glorious two week break. Along with my return to work we’re also trying out a new routine, much to the dismay of my wife, because after bring her breakfast in bed for the last 8 years, it’s now everybody up so we can all eat breakfast together. It’s really nice to have time together before I head off to work, however having to get up early again sucks. No more going to bed at 1am and getting a cheeky snooze in the afternoon. The only thing that will make these early mornings bearable is if Liberty’s sleep regression ends soon. Fingers crossed. Oh and pampers if you’re reading this, you’re ’12 hours of dryness’ nappies don’t work. The very second Liberty pees she wakes up. How do I fix this?

Even though it’s back to business as usual we still managed to squeeze in a few fun filled family outings. OK, before I get done under the Trades Descriptions Act, this one doesn’t really qualify as fun. Liberty’s first trip to the dentist.

As this was her first time we had a form to fill out, with all the usual details. Although I think their registration form for kids needs a bit of work.

Occupation… Baby?

How often do you drink alcohol?… Well that depends on how much mummy has had. We’ll just put daily for that then shall we?

Are you pregnant?… I certainly hope not, I’m not ready to start my 52 Weeks of Grandfatherhood just yet.

Obtuse registration form questions aside it was a pretty uneventful visit. With no teeth to be seen there is little to report. At least it gets her used to someone poking around in her mouth.

Right, onto the fun! In an effort to hold on to the last slither of Christmas before it slips away until December, we decided to visit Edinburgh’s German Markets. With Liberty being so young it’s sometimes hard to tell if she’s enjoying herself but she seemed to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the market. As usual it was packed from end to end with people, and after seeing a few parents struggling with buggies I was quietly confident that opting for the Baby Bjorn was the right choice. However, as I found out, this greater maneuverability comes with a trade off. When it’s time to stop, pull up a chair and enjoy a delicious mug of Gluhwein, you realise you can’t put your baby down. She has to stay strapped to your chest. Not very relaxing. I guess I’ll just put my smug face back in it’s box.

The best thing this week

When passers by smile at me and say things like ‘gorgeous’ and ‘adorable’. Even though I’m now a dad I’ve still got it… Then I remember I have Liberty strapped to my chest.

The worst thing this week

Liberty has started to get a bald patch down the side of her head, poor thing. I’m reassured that this is pretty common and due to the amount of time they spend lying down. That, and her constantly doing her best Stevie Wonder impression.

What I’ve learnt this week

Baby rice = good
Banana = good
Sweet potato = good
Apple and pear = BAD

Weekly stats

35 Nappies changed
Baseline 84/wk

44 Hours sleep
Baseline 56hr/wk

8 Happiness
out of 10

5 Stress
out of 10

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