52 Weeks of Fatherhood: Week 43

Chickenpox 2.0

Not content with her last bout, Liberty took it upon herself to go toe to toe the infernal condition for a second time. True to form, apart from a pretty nasty looking rash, it isn’t getting her down. There’s been a bit of disruption to her sleep but that could also be due to her cold, teething, growing pains or one of the other hundred things she’s going through on a nightly basis.

Normally a 3am wake-up call would be a shock to the system but thankfully my mother in law is visiting this week (did I just use those two words in the same sentence?!) so she was on hand to take care of the unscheduled nightshift.

It’s crazy how easy it is having a baby when someone else does all the work. This has it’s drawbacks however. I like being hands on, maybe even a borderline ‘helicopter dad’, always hovering around checking people are doing things my way. But this week I’ve had to take a back seat, and I’ve just realised how little time I’ve had with Liberty. That’s not a nice feeling. Right now I have the very strong urge to run into her room and wake her up just so I can see her cute smiling face. But I can’t… I have to think of the sleep schedule!

By the end of the week any signs of the dreaded pox had all but vanished. Just in time too, as I was up next on daycare duties and I had a big day planned.

We had swimming and messy play pretty much back to back, so there was no room for error. The swimming class was great, it was a bit more interesting for Liberty (and me) to splash around with other babies, and although rarely seen in the wild, it was nice to have another dad in the class too. Liberty just loves swimming and is now more than happy to throw herself in off the side, much to my amusement. After swimming there was barely enough time to get home and have lunch before heading back out again. I really needn’t have bothered with Liberty’s lunch as she treated messy play like it was an all you can eat buffet. For starters there was edible paint and sand, then she moved on to the beans and coloured spaghetti, and for dessert it’s was jelly and custard. Yummy! By the end of the hour she was covered from head to toe, and loved every second of it.

The weekend turned out to be just as action packed. We’ve started preparations for Liberty’s birthday party, and we’re getting her involve her as much as possible, but we all know my wife is the mastermind behind the whole thing. There are invites to make, decorations to buy, a cake to design, and what first birthday would be complete without and brand new five meter by three meter deck… I’ve got 9 weeks how hard can it be?

Amongst all the birthday preparations I managed to get some down time and celebrated my first Father’s Day. My wife had made a video using one photo a day since Liberty was born. I have to admit it really pulled at the heartstrings. Thinking about Liberty growing up is a little daunting, I love the age she’s at now and hope that things don’t go by too fast.

As if to compound my fears, just hours later, Liberty took her first step. She’s getting more solid on her feet and managed one small step before throwing herself into my wife’s arms. Naturally I missed the whole thing as I was outside finishing up her play area. Luckily she reenacted the tremendous feet it all it’s 2 seconds of glory. My wife walked when she was around 10 months, so if Liberty is as ambitions as her mum, she’s right on schedule.

The best thing this week

Liberty is starting to ‘chat’ a lot more, with words like ‘dada’ and ‘mumma’ making regular appearances. I swear I heard her say ‘rice cake’ earlier this week but perhaps that was the sleep deprivation causing me to hallucinate.

The worst thing this week

With my mother in law gone, the responsibility for early morning wake-up calls would fall back on my hunched and tired shoulders.

What I’ve learnt this week

Contrary to popular belief, when you’re a baby you can get the Chickenpox as many times as you like.

Weekly stats

17 Nappies changed
Baseline 84/wk

43 Hours sleep
Baseline 56hr/wk

9 Happiness
out of 10

1 Stress
out of 10

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