Toshi: A Dapp Browser for the Ethereum Network
Brian Armstrong

Coinbase is an exchange. Correct? then why are you taking valuable resources that should be used to address the scaling issues facing your company?

It’s very simple. Brian’s priority list:

1/ cpu power and or software upgrade to address massive increase in trading volumes issues

2/ Segwit implemented ASAP to empty memepool and speed transfer and make fees tiny. You and the other exchanges are at fault here.

3/ Turn of bitcash now that forked BTC owner’s received their shitcoins

4/ Increase cash reserves for massive USD liquidity outflow

5/ invest more in customer support (your tax app is a good idea!)

6/ Mission statement clarification : are you interested in our business or just the business of institutional clients or are you going off on a tangent?

7/ Update customers about status of insider trading and/or price manipulation investigation of ver’s shitcoin going from $1,200 to $3,900 to $9,000.

8/ Fix incoming wire issues. I lost thousands because of 4 day delays when I wanted to buy bitcoin ASAP.

Straightforward simple list which should keep your directors, employees and customers of which i am one, happy.


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