How to make your employer value proposition stand out

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2 min readFeb 2, 2023

Having a strong employer value proposition (EVP) is essential for any business. Your EVP sets your company apart from competitors, and it helps you attract and retain top talent. But with so many companies competing for the attention of potential employees, it can be difficult to make your EVP stand out. Here are some tips for making your employer value proposition more attractive and effective:

1. Focus on Employee Benefits — Make sure that the benefits offered by your company are competitive enough to appeal to prospective employees. Think about what makes your company unique and focus on those aspects when crafting your EVP. Consider offering incentives such as flexible hours, work-from-home options, healthcare coverage, or other perks that may help differentiate yourself from other businesses.

2. Create a Positive Work Environment — Having a positive, productive workplace is essential to not only attract talent but also keep them engaged and motivated. Make sure that your EVP reflects this by highlighting the company culture and emphasizing how team-building activities and collaboration are encouraged. This will show potential employees that your company values its people and their contributions.

3. Promote Professional Development — Offer programs or courses for employee learning and development where they can develop their skillset and knowledge in order to advance their career. Showing prospects that you are actively investing in helping them become better professionals will help make your employer value proposition stand out from the competition.

4. Demonstrate Your Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion — Highlight your commitment to diversity and inclusion in your EVP. This will show potential employees that your company values people of all backgrounds and that everyone is treated equally regardless of their race, nationality, religion, gender or sexuality.

By focusing on employee benefits, creating a positive work environment, promoting professional development opportunities, and demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion, you can make your employer value proposition stand out from the competition and attract top talent. Doing so will help ensure that your business can stay competitive and successful in the long run.

These tips can serve as a starting point, but it’s important to remember that each employer value proposition should be tailored to the unique needs of your business. Take the time to research and understand what potential employees want and need, then craft an EVP that speaks directly to those desires. With careful planning and execution, you can create an EVP that will attract the best talent available. Good luck!



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