About Commercial Roofing

Whether you are looking to improve your home or in the market for a new one, the following are the top considerations for commercial roofing in San Antonio you should consider that will affect your wallet, comfort, safety, and even lifestyle. We will start with the basics, whether your roof is worth upgrading or replacing entirely. Followed by a modern design called a Cool Roof made to reduce your energy bill and property value. And lastly Flat Roofs can be cheaper and offer better options for future development.

Should I replace or repair my roof?

Always hire a professional roofing expert to examine your roof before spending on a new project. Here are some things to look for and note before talking to said professional:

  • Is the roof older than 10 years? If so general maintenance can extend its life. A 20–30-year-old roof is likely in need of replacement
  • Are there specific areas causing a problem? A few holes can be repaired usually in one day.
  • Need it done quickly? Maybe you are selling your home, or the leaks are dropping water in your attic or bedroom. Roof repairs done by a professional can be finished before the work day is done.
  • Is money an issue and you would rather save money? Roofs can be maintained cheaper than replaced. It could be cheaper to make minor repairs by a professional, then apply restoration and coating materials to extend its life.
  • Has all around deterioration resulted in daylight shining through your attic? This is a sure sign the current roof is a goner.

Is a cool roof worth the upfront cost?

Commercial roofing with energy saving designs are costly at first, but for starters the Federal Government could give you up to a 10% return on the cost of the roof towards your federal taxes. Cool roofs work by trapping the cool air inside, while deflecting light and heat from outside. This efficiency means less air conditioner run time, which will reduce your energy bill in the long run.

What are the benefits of a flat roof?

Building your flat roof in either commercial or residential gives a sleek modern look. It is also cheaper and easier to maintain due to how easy it is to scale. Flat roofs lack shingles and are wind resistant, reducing the potential for wear and tear. Lastly, they are installed faster than any other roof, while offering the same thermal performance and protection of other commercial roofing considerations.

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