How Energy Efficient Roofing Can Save You Money

The United States spends roughly 16% of their electric bill on air conditioning — that is almost $50 billion a year to keep our homes and cubicles cold. Energy Star Certified products, federal tax discounts, and reflective metal roof surfaces are some of the tools available to bring that cost down.

Let us start with some simple science

The greenhouse effect comes into play with the heat produced in your home just like our planet, garden, or automobile. Trapping heat relies on a quality roof since after all heat does rise. When your roof is insulated properly, the warm air stays in your house longer and reduces the strain on heaters (and wallets).

Conversely, a quality energy efficient roof — or a Cool Roof as they have been called — is designed to reflect sunlight and redirect heat. 65% of heat and light are reflected with common Cool Roofs, resulting in a 50% energy coefficient compared to standard roofing materials. Compare this to the 15% loss in light and heat found with standard roofing materials and the benefits are obvious.

Uncle Sam is here to help

Speaking of energy efficiency, the federal government supports homes built to reduce emissions. The Energy Star seal is awarded to products that fit criteria for saving energy without reducing quality. Often times these items are more expensive, but the results are worth it. Home owners can earn up to 10% of the cost of installation and materials in federal tax credits. This in addition to using less energy will save you money in the long run.

Independence roofing San Antonio

Now as an added bonus we are offering a $500 discount for the military, teachers, pensioners and police in San Antonio Texas. Independent roofing contractors such as us enjoy being able to support those whos support us.

Health benefits mean less doctor visits

While modern technology gives us the comfort of a constant state of comfortable living temperatures, it also affords hidden dangers:

  • Chlorofluorocarbon, or CFC, is produced from air conditioners and is dangerous for humans to breath in large amounts. Keeping your air conditioning units on for prolonged periods of time in enclosed spaces can result in respiratory issues — particularly in children or small animals.
  • Oil heaters if run too hot and long can produce dangerous gas exhaust that contains deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Space heaters run the risk of setting fire to nearby flammable objects.

Property value and curb appeal

Lastly of all your energy efficient roof will save money when looking for a new home. A higher property value and reputation from the neighbors will offset the cost of a new home should you be looking to move or upgrade. Buyers will love to know that they’ll be living under the most energy efficient roof that the market has to offer.

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