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Facebook’s Draconian Control over “Society Think”

Or, eliminate this biased “editorial” function altogether. This time, they got caught. I can’t help but wonder how many we’ve missed.

Those who don’t create or own content also don’t have the right to edit or curate it. Facebook is capitalizing on the works of others in a major way (which is fine as long as those “creators” agree). However, through a dominant market position, they are using their biases to determine what users should and shouldn’t see to further their own self serving interests. Who gave them that right? And, why are we and other publishers allowing them to take it?

China blocked them because they wouldn’t “toe the party line” but what makes this any different? Isn’t FB is acting just like the communist government they refused to comply with? If they are allowed to continue, how far will they go to manage what society thinks based on what they “allow” it to view? They have already proven they can do it. So what’s next in their quest to dominate the internet?

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