The short version of it all is that we have a cultural problem, one that is shaped by disconnects in values, relationships, and social fabric. Our media, our tools, and our politics are being leveraged to help breed polarization by countless actors who can leverage these systems for personal, economic, and ideological gain. Sometimes, it’s for the lulz. Sometimes, the goals are much more disturbing.
Google and Facebook Can’t Just Make Fake News Disappear
danah boyd

Fantastic, well thought through piece, Danah! I feel you’ve really nailed it with this comment and believe it is the root of the issue. My issue is not necessarily with the “Fake Content” itself as in many cases this is opinionated, but the technologies that have evolved to promote it for explicit monetary gain. “Fake Content (or NEWS) has existed since, well, forever. But now, our major distribution platforms (Social Media) are structured and incentivized to aggressively promote it and the chatter it creates.

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