The Optics of Stilettos
Georgi Boorman

Georgi, I agree the Trumps need to be aware of our ‘petty media' however, this ‘pettiness' will backfire! Most people are beginning to be numbed by this and often siding with the Trump’s when attacked so blatantly, whether they ‘like' them or not.

Do we know what she was doing before boarding that plane which may have required that ‘look’? She had 2 hours in an airplane to change and not waste precious pre-boarding time changing to pacify stupid criticisms.

What’s most sad about this (and the amount of press attention it’s received) is just how shallow America has become. And because of this, the really big issues are overshadowed.

So conversely, how did Donald find the time in his busy schedule to pick the ‘perfect' look (boots and all)? Was he more concerned about his personal appearance than the people of Texas?

Such a stupid waste of electricity consumed even talking about this!

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