(P.S. I hate that. I hate it because I’m much better at working than I am at thinking. The Internet raised me to be a productivity machine, but blind hustle is only okay if you don’t mind which direction you go.)
I Eavesdropped on a Millionaire For You. Here’s What I Learned.
Todd Brison

Great read Todd. I love this statement! It is so true for so many, for so many reasons. The internet and it’s various leverage points (ie: IoT, web, scheduling, filtered news feeds etc) are turning many into “productivity machines” doing what the “internet” and its devices tell them to do and think. Are we soon to become its “tool” rather than it being ours? Have we already?

For me, what you’ve really highlighted here is that those who break out of that “reaction trap” can find great opportunities. There’s more to this economy than the internet.

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