That being said, it makes absolutely no sense that all advice for women seems to be strictly about what we should do to get a man, or about what men think about us and the moves we make, thus, our lives need to be dictated by them.
Men Won’t Take You Seriously If
Victoria Hanna

Hi Olayemi, I really enjoyed reading this but was surprised to hear that so many women still get focused advice on how to ‘get a man’! So much of what you said was right on target. However to say that all advice delivered to women (by men) is about ‘getting a man' seems exaggerated. #NotAllMen would agree or even provide such advise if they really cared about you. I’ve personally seen a growing trend that ‘advice discussions' between men and women have become much deeper and generally more helpful.

I feel (at least hope) we’re slowly moving beyond this stereotype for all our sakes!

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