Oh, honey.
L. bell

Ellie, I really loved your post as it calls out the symptoms of our much bigger problem. Those who assume any person’s life (millennials or otherwise) is a breeze is seriously misguided. As a (older) Boomer, my generation (and those before me) created the very situation you’ve found yourself in and should be taking equal if not greater responsibility. This didn’t just “happen”, it’s been evolving for a very, very long time. As Amy said, your writing style will make many really think. And, you should keep it up as through it you may also find your own personal solution. I’m anxious to hear your next post on “how to fix it” and what someone can do to dig out of it.

Please don’t take this as me “preaching”, I’m not. This is a proven fact. There are options, but they will not be found by following a “traditional” path (they never are) even though that is what “we” led you to believe. And, they won’t be easy (nothing worthwhile ever is).

You are a bright, articulate, well educated person. You have a lot to offer. the key is to find someone who truly needs what you have to offer. When you do, amazing things will happen. However, to find it, you’ll have to look above the trees you’re presently focused on.

BTW, I also cannot agree with anything Talia said in that post either. We are all in this mess together. It’s not at all about “your” attitude, it’s about “our” poor guidance. Selfishly speaking, if we can’t “fix” it, who’s going to fund the aging populations future which was based on the premise of creating an ever emerging, evolving and continuing work force.

What frightens me more (as a parent and grandparent) is the situation your generation will be in by the time you are my age if this cycle is not stopped.

I’m so very much looking forward to your next post.

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