Last night, we saw a genuine authoritarian moment in American life. The first, at least, of our lifetimes: a key piece of legislation passed without deliberation, discussion, or even being able to read it, at all, in the dead of night. We saw democracy cease functioning before our very eyes.
Five Key Changes to Stop American Meltdown
umair haque

Really? The first? Are you seriously telling me that you are aware of all bills and their details that have been passed through government? I think not. We elect government officials and give them a proxy to do whatever they feel appropriate. Sometimes the notion of appropriateness concedes to “tough medicine” that many may not agree with and are frightened by.

I am not defending nor criticizing the current tax legislation with this specific comment. I’m just saying that if most people had any clue about the specifics of most legislation, they’d have nightmares and would be screaming from the rooftops! This has been happening for a very, very long time.

You should read NAFTA sometime. There are clauses in there that would make the citizens of all participating countries sick to their stomachs (like oil production of each country controlled specifically by and for the benefit the US) . But then, as is often said, the most effective deal for everyone is one which all participants feel they got screwed.