But yes, Canadians often travel to the US to get health procedures. That’s not because of Canada’s health care quality, though. It’s because Canada has 10 times fewer people, and therefore 10 times fewer doctors.
Trickle-Down Health Care: How We Could Actually Fix The US Health System
Shane Snow

Shane, it’s a bit more complicated than that but this is a great initial observation.

  1. Many Docs leave Canada for the US purely because they can make far more money dealing with catastrophic ‘repair' than the preventative approach of the Canadian Healthcare system.
  2. Many people become frantic when illness is discovered. The American system encourages this fear and encourages rapid, expensive correction.
  3. Those who can afford this out of country care are a very small % of the population. Those with the money can make those choices but it’s not the norm. Most can’t. So, those leaving for paid care, leave more resources available for the rest.
  4. The key for healthcare is to support the masses, not the privileged few. The will never accept it anyway.