It would undoubtedly be interesting to see life expectancy by income.

True. They are all inter-related. However, without money, the governments have no way to fund society changes which impact all of this. The tax structure is their primary source of revenue needed to even begin to accomplish these things.

What many fear is the potential backlash when, as some claim, this new structure backfires and the US deficits grow to a point where the interest costs are unmanageable. That further reduces our government’s ability to fund social programs which in turn further contributes to the downward spiral.

On the other hand, if it works and the wealthy private sector takes that new found money and invests it in employment creation, ubiquitous healthcare etc., overall tax revenues in terms of real money will increase.

Therefore, the real question is “what will they do with it”?

Unfortunately, history has proven they’ll keep it. And, if they do, how will those who initially voted for this significant change in government based on promises to fix this, respond?