A stamp of strength: What is an emblem logo?

Steve Harvey
Jun 5, 2019 · 5 min read

There’s more to a logo than a handful of letters or graphics.

As the ultimate visual representation of your brand, your logo is meaningful. It embodies the heart and spirit of your company and distills it into something that’s easy to understand and absorb.

While most organisations understand how valuable their logos can be, they rarely know how crucial it is to choose the right kind of logo. After all, there are various styles out there, from the wordmark to abstract symbols and mascots.

An #Emblem logo is one of the most traditional kinds of brand mark a business can have. Often sparking connotations with family crests and official badges, these images convey an instant sense of authority, heritage, and trustworthiness.

Of course, emblem logos aren’t right for everyone.

The question is, how do you decide whether your business needs an emblem?

Defining the emblem logo: A taste of tradition

There are many different kinds of logo that companies can use today. For instance, some businesses use word or lettermarks which focus on typography to convey their personality. Think about the swirling letters of the Coca-Cola mark for example. Other companies prefer the simplicity of single, meaningful shape, like the Twitter bird.

Every unique style of logo provides a different look and feel for your #BrandIdentity.

An emblem is just one kind of logo, and its history arguably goes back further than most. People have been using emblems for centuries, in everything from family crests and wax seals, to official government badges.

An emblem logo isn’t as bold or minimalistic as some other logotypes, but it delivers value in a different way.

Often, emblems are seen as symbols of tradition and strength. In an age where customers are still drawn to well-established, reliable brands, an emblem is a great way to launch your identity. Similar in style to combination marks, emblems usually include both text and imagery. However, while combination marks separate the graphics and the text, emblems bring everything together into a single shape.

Does your business need an emblem?

An emblem won’t appeal to all companies.

It’s one of the most traditional #LogoTypes, so for modern brands or businesses with their eye on the future, it simply wouldn’t fit. Usually, emblem logos are more common among government bodies, schools, higher education facilities, and legal companies. The emblem style of logo design is also prevalent among car makers too.

Emblems provide a very classic element to your logo design. If you’re looking for something to highlight aspects of prestige and tradition in your identity, then an emblem is a great choice. Additionally, you might consider an #EmblemLogo if you’re hoping to make your customers feel like part of a tribe and community. Just think about how connected people feel when they wear their favourite football team’s shield. Emblems have deep connections with family crests, so they’re great for sparking feelings of affinity.

Some of the companies that may benefit from an emblem #BrandMark include:

  • Newer companies who want to look as though they have a history: Just because you’re brand-new to your niche doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the appearance of heritage. An emblem shield makes you appear as though you have a history in your space, even if that might not be the case.
  • Historical brands: Brands with history are often the ones that fare best with emblem designs. Think of all the long-standing universities and schools you might have seen with similar crests in the past.
  • Businesses that hope to showcase security and safety: Emblem logos are often contained in a shield or circle. These shapes are great at conveying feelings of protection, security, and trustworthiness. Banks, legal companies, and even automobile manufacturers who want their customers to feel secure can take advantage of emblem logos.

Importantly, just because most emblem logos are traditional or “vintage” in their style, doesn’t mean that they have to be this way. There are no hard and fast rules about what an emblem should be. As long as everything in your logo, including any graphics or text, is contained within a single shape, you have an emblem. Look at the Starbucks logo for instance. This is an excellent example of a badge that has evolved to have a more modern appearance over the years.

What’s right for your logo design?

Choosing the right style of #LogoDesign for your company isn’t easy.

Your logo is one of the most essential visual identifiers that you have. With the right image, you can create a community of brand advocates, or inspire your employees. A great logo design tells your audience what you’re capable of and shares insight into your history.

An emblem design creates a very meaningful kind of logo. Emblems have inherent history and heritage attached to them. This means that if you plan on using your own emblem, people will begin to expect great things from you and your company.

To learn more about the impact of the emblem logo, click here for our guide to this unique brand mark. On the other hand, if you need help making the “seal of approval” for your brand, Fabrik is here to help.

Reach out to our team today for help creating a badge that your company can wear with pride.

Steve Harvey

Written by

Co-owner of creative agency Fabrik Brands, London.

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