Aligning the customer experience: What is omni channel marketing?

Steve Harvey
Mar 8 · 5 min read

How do you connect with your target customer?

Do you write blogs for LinkedIn? Pay for billboards in your local town? Send out weekly emails and regular social media updates? The chances are, your current marketing strategy spans across multiple channels. That’s because the customer journey has transformed from simply walking into a store and buying a product, to a labyrinth of researching, each purchase, and connecting with specific brands.

In fact, about 90% of people with more than one device switch between about 3 different tech products a day to complete a purchase. This means that if you want to keep up with your customer and make sure your product stays top of mind, you’ll need to follow them from one channel to the next.

The good news is that if you can work out how to create a simple and cohesive #Omnichannel experience for your audience, the rewards are well worth your time. In fact, the estimated value of cross-channel sales is $1.8 trillion.

Now that your customers can connect with your brand any time, anywhere, how do you make sure that you’re supporting their complex path to purchase?

Mapping the path to purchase: What is omni channel marketing?

Before you can start planning an #OmnichannelStrategy, you’ll need to figure out what omni channel means. This marketing buzzword has been around for a while now, but some companies still don’t understand what “omni channel” stands for. In simple terms, it’s a way of making sure that your customers can connect with you on any channel they choose, without seeing a significant shift in your brand identity.

One important thing to keep in mind is that multi channel marketing, and omni channel marketing isn’t the same thing. Marketers often use these two terms interchangeably, but the truth is that omni channel campaigns are a world apart from their multi channel cousins. Omni channel focuses on creating a cohesive and integrated experience for a customer, while multi channel simply creates different marketing funnels on every sales avenue.

While all omni channel marketing solutions will be #Multichannel in the sense that they’ll work with multiple platforms, not all multi channel experiences are omni channel. Only when all your campaigns and customer communication efforts work together seamlessly, will you have a true omni channel approach to marketing.

Tips for launching your omni channel marketing strategy

Omni channel marketing is all about giving your customers the experience they’re looking for when they decide to make a purchase. Not only do omni channel campaigns attract customers with a 30% higher lifetime value, but studies suggest that omni channel customers also spend about 13% more when they decide to buy.

The equation is simple: more channels = more profits. However, the key to omni channel is making sure that all the channels you choose to work with, perform in sync. Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

1. Get your internal communication on track

Omni channel marketing is all about consistency. As most brands already know, a consistent brand experience starts with getting your internal communication strategies aligned. Make sure that your internal teams are all working towards the same goals, with the same brand guidelines in mind. When everyone in your business knows what kind of identity they’re trying to create, it’s easier to create a cohesive #CustomerExperience.

2. Be customer centric

In omni channel marketing, the customer comes first. You’ll need to prepare yourself for the shift away from a focus on profits, to a focus on how to satisfy your consumers. Building buyer personas and using analytics to better understand your customer journeys will help you to create an omni channel marketing roadmap that suits their unique needs.

3. Remember context

Content is a crucial part of the omni channel marketing experience, as it helps to bring your branded touchpoints together. However, while content might be king, it’s nothing without context. You’ll need to know which sites your customers are looking at during different stages of their buyer journey, and what information they’re looking for if you want to create a truly seamless experience.

4. Integrate analytics

In the marketing world, knowledge is power. The more data you collect about your target audience, and the more you analyse that information for deeper insights into your preferred customer, the easier it will be to find what your clients are looking for. Implement strategies to measure the performance of your campaigns, and track customer preferences wherever possible.

5. Maintain consistency in every channel

As your customers jump from one channel to the next, they’ll be looking for consistency and familiarity with your company. There are various ways that a brand can provide a cohesive experience in their omni channel marketing. For instance, you can maintain the same personality and tone of voice on your social campaigns, and blog posts. On the other hand, you can brand your marketing with logos and specific colour schemes. Make sure that your visual identity and content remain consistent through every channel.

Making the move to omni channel

As the human species continues to invest in more advanced technology, the omni channel experience is sure to become even more significant. After all, we’re constantly using different devices in all parts of our lives, from dealing with day-to-day communication to managing work-related tasks.

Now that the lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurring, brands, companies, marketers, and everyone in between is looking for ways to streamline the path to sale for customers. Today, if you want to maintain stronger relationships with your customers, you’ll need to stop thinking of desktop experiences, mobile conversations, and in-person connections as separate. Omni channel experiences are all about delivering a holistic approach.

While there is some effort involved in launching and maintaining an #OmniChannelMarketing campaign, the results speak for themselves. To find out more about the benefits of omni channel marketing check out our guide for tips, and insight into how to launch your campaign. Or, you can reach out to Fabrik to start building your tailor-made brand experience.

Channel hopping is the way of the future, make sure that you’re ready to bring the different avenues of your marketing campaign together.

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