Forget boring branding: The elements of brand recall strategy

Steve Harvey
Oct 8, 2018 · 5 min read

All companies want to be unforgettable.

As the digital world paves the way for an increasing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs, every brand wants to be the first to claim the real-estate at the front of their customer’s mind. Of course, achieving sustainable brand recall isn’t always easy.

As a type of brand awareness, #BrandRecall refers to your ability to have such a significant impact on your audience, that they automatically think of you when they’re looking for something in your industry. Think about the brands you automatically visualise when you’re thirsty for a cold carbonated drink or hungry for a fast-food burger.

Brand recall strategies work to develop the right associations for your company. Over time, the more you develop brand recall, the more your business becomes intrinsically linked to a specific solution or niche.

The question is, how do you create the kind of brand recall that keeps you ahead of your customers?

Let’s find out.

Defining brand recall: What you need to know

So, what is brandrecall, and how is it different from #BrandAwareness?

Essentially, there are two forms of brand awareness that companies track to measure their imprint on their chosen industry. The first option is ‘aided’ brand awareness. For instance, if someone is browsing the shelves at a supermarket and they recognise your company when they see the label on a shampoo bottle, that’s brand awareness.

Brand recall goes one step further with the knowledge that consumers have of your brand. Brand recall refers to the ‘unaided’ brand awareness that you can develop within your space. For instance, in the example we used above, as soon as someone realised that they needed a new bottle of shampoo, brand recall would remind them to buy from your company.

There are plenty of great examples of brand recall out there. For instance, when you think of technology, you might automatically visualise Apple. When you need a new pair of athletic shoes, you might envision Nike or Adidas.

With brand recall, you become the first company to pop to mind when a customer thinks about your sector. That’s a powerful position for any venture to be in. The customer that keeps your company front-of-mind is also the one most likely to become a #BrandAmbassador for your business.

The factors you need for a brand recall strategy

Before you can start working on making your brand more memorable, you’ll need to know which factors of your identity make you memorable.

Brand recall factors are the elements of your identity that help you to reach the same level of connection that Google has with the idea of online searching, or McDonald’s has withfast food. Combined with a brand recognition strategy to help customers perceive your brand in a certain way, the following elements of brand recall can help you to have a bigger impact on the market:

1. An evocative logo

Logos are one of the recognisable assets in any brand portfolio. Human beings naturally respond well to images. If you make the right impact with your logo, then it will be the first thing to come to mind when your customers need your product. Just make sure your #LogoDesign is:

  • Clear and Simple: Stick to a simple graphic in the right colours.
  • Meaningful: Your logo should represent the nature of your brand and what you stand for.
  • Easy to use: Make sure your graphic looks the same on every medium, from your business cards to your website.

2. The right colours

Visual assets play a significant part in your brand recall strategy. Just as your logo helps to make your company more memorable, your brand colours give depth to your identity. For instance, there’s a good chance that you automatically see the colour red in your mind when you think of Coca-Cola and the colour blue for Twitter or Facebook.

Remember to be careful with the shades you choose to represent your brand. Colour has a powerful connection with emotion, and the wrong pigments could lead to disaster for your organisation.

3. A memorable brand name

Though your logo might be the first thing your customers think of when they remember your brand, your company name should follow soon after. A name is a crucial element of your identity and something that your audience might use daily.

Choose the right name, combined with a good brand recognition or awareness strategy, and your title could even become a verb associated with your niche. For instance, just look at how Google evolved from a simple name into part of our everyday language.

4. A slogan

Another way that you can add depth to your recall #BrandStrategy using words is with a slogan or strapline. Taglines give context to brand recall by reminding your audience what your business is all about. For instance, Carlsberg has their “probably the best” strapline to convey a ‘premium’ experience to customers.

Choose a strapline that’s quick, concise, and perfect for conveying your USP. Your branding agency should be able to help you find the ideal message for your company.

5. A unique selling point

Finally, even the best brand recall strategies are nothing without a memorable product or service to set them off. The most unforgettable companies are the ones that bring unique strategies, ideas, or experiences to their niche. Your unique selling point is how you differentiate yourself from the other organisations in your space and remind your audience that you’re the company they should choose.

Evaluate your competition and figure out what you can offer that they don’t. Once you find your USP, look for a way to embed it into the other parts of your recall strategy, from your logo to your strapline.

Ready to Promote Brand Recall?

There’s nothing more damaging to a growing company than a ‘forgettable’ identity.

The best brands are timeless, emotional, and memorable. If you want people to choose you over your competitors every time, then you need to give them something to remember.

Of course, creating an effective brand recall strategy isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put together our informative guide to help you understand what you can do to make your brand more memorable. At the same time, the team here at Fabrik is happy to help any organisation in search of a better recall strategy.

Don’t let your business be out of sight, and out of mind. Invest in brand recall.

Steve Harvey

Written by

Co-owner of creative agency Fabrik Brands, London.

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