Dear Chicago Bears,

I understand that your mobile app contains everything that you need to know about the organization. The app shows you all of the latest updates on the team from live streams, videos, news articles, blogs, photo galleries, roster moves and free agent trackers. The app can connect you to all of the Bears social media accounts such as their twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, etc. and also the Chicago Bears Pro shop so fans can buy apparel from their phones. The other sections of the app will give you information such as the team roster, depth chart, statistics, injuries, standings, and the team schedule that updates the result and final score of each game as the season goes on. The app has a link that allows you to buy tickets, it has a link to Uber so you can request a ride to Soldier Field, there is a link to the Waze app to give you directions to Soldier Field, there is a Q&A link, a parking and transportation guide, and a seating chart to help you find your seats in the stadium. The gameday section also has in-stadium features which allows you to check NFL Redzone, a concessions map so you can see what each concession in the stadium is selling, and a replay system which allows you to see every replay from every play during the game. Lastly the app shows the different events the Bears run such as the miller light draft party, Chicago bears training camp, etc., the pro shop, kids club, and a schedule challenge game that allows you to compete with other bear fans to guess what the Chicago bears schedule is going to be for a prize.

After naming off all of the great things this mobile app contains/does, there is no question that this is the best information source to bear fans all over the world. But as a lifelong diehard bears fan, why have I just heard about it the Chicago bears mobile app this year. I have followed the Bears like it was my job my entire life and if I have just heard of this app, I can guarantee you the majority of Bear fans out there haven’t even heard of it.

I think the Bears should highly consider engaging with more people on social media through social media marketing and online advertising. The Bears social media accounts say absolutely nothing about the Chicago Bears Mobile App. Another huge thing is your events, such as the Miller Light Draft Party which is coming up in a few weeks on the 27th of April. I think it would be wise to advertise your upcoming events as much as you could through online advertising and social media marketing.

As a result, I believe doing this could help the Chicago bears reach out to more fans and therefore creating better fan interaction and engagements.

Thank you,

Steve Hrbacek

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