Best Morse Code (CW) Apps for IOS / Android - Learning Morse Code

As an amateur radio operator, I found myself turning to my smartphone and hoping that Apps could help me learn / train morse code. Morse code is also known as CW to amateur radio community. Now I have to admit I’m an apple guy so I only found one android morse code app / trainer that is also available on apple. If you have a favorite android morse code app please comment below.

Here is what I think are the top more code apps / trainer for IOS / Android:

Morse Toad

This app uses gamification to get people to learn morse code. I love the simple interface and instantly got addicted to trying to reach the next level! It uses the world renown Koch method, letters are learned one at a time at full speed. When you master a set of letters then others are added until you learn the full alphabet. At one point this app expired by the developer but I slowly conceived him over Twitter to reboot it as it had a great cult following.

Link To App:

Ham Morse

Not as pretty as Morse Toad, but way more detailed is the Ham Morse app. My favorite feature is the ability to listen to practice QSO or conversations to tighten up your skills set. The app also has a very robust setting where you can control audio frequency, speed and more!

Link To App:

Morse 2 Text

This morse code app really helps you develop your morse code keying skills or producing morse code. Listening is one part of morse code but you also have to produce the sounds you self. This app is a practice telegraph key. All you need to do is tap the buttons to product the dits/dahs and it will decode the sound on to your screen. I found this to be helpful, but not as helpful as a real key as the app is very sensitive to how you tap it.

Link To App:

Morse Pad

Morse Pad is a morse code decoder /reader app for IOS. It claims to “Morse Pad lets you decode morse code on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Just set your device near a radio, tune in a morse code transmission, and watch the decoded text.” I purchased this app and was a bit disappointed on its ability to decode, but I typically have an S5–S8 noise level that I feel throws off the detection. I still recommend it as your results may be better.

Morse Communicator

This is morse code app you can send and receive morse code. You can translate text to morse code or even set it in a mode to listen to morse code to translate. I found that this decoder worker pretty well. This is a very basis morse code app but one to add to the arsenal.

Whats Your Recommendations?

I want to hear from you my fellow hams or morse code enthusiasts. What mores code apps do you use? Please comment below!