Where it all started.

My life started in Albuquerque New Mexico.

I was born on February 20, 1965 at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I’m not sure what time I was born at. The only people that know that are my grandmother my mother and father.

I’ve wanted to write a story about my life ever since my father wrote about his. I know he wrote his late in life and I didn’t want to do that since I wanted to remember as much as I could.

My life started at 9611 Woodland Ave. I lived there with my father, mother, two sisters and brother. One sister is the oldest I’m second my brother is third and my youngest sister is the forth. There names are Suzanne, Greg and Diane. I also have other sisters and brothers that will come later in the story.

We lived on the corner of Eubank and Woodland. Eubank was a main street that ran east and west through Albuquerque our streets were pretty boxy and the fact that the street names ran the entire length of the street unlike streets of today where street names change at the end of the block.

Back then I thought my house with enormous! My earliest memory is my dad pouring our backyard with concrete making it a huge backyard with my brothers and sisters to play. I was sitting in my highchair eating my favorite cereal, Quisp, and my mother was feeding me and I could see the cement truck in the field in the back of our house with its spout over the fence.

My other earliest memory is of our entire family in our new addition of our home that my father was building. We took a huge family picture.

Our home was originally a two bedroom one bath home with the living room and kitchen. My father built the addition off of the living room and kitchen. When it was complete we had another bedroom and bathroom along with a workroom.

Growing up we had two dogs Sonnie and Baroque and we had a cat named Josh that my dad did not like because it like to jump on him in the middle of the night.

Living in Albuquerque was wonderful!! We had four definite seasons always had the summertime which was nice and hot. The springtime was awesome and winter time with lots of snow. A fall season that was not that cold but brought a lot of rain and wind. We would play outside 80% time at our house.

Whenever it rained we were outside in the rain and when it snowed we were in the snow when it was sunny we were outside either riding bicycles or just running through the neighborhood.

My school was directly behind my house and the funny thing is I was late to school every single day! It always took me awhile to get ready for school that’s why was constantly late.