Today has been a great day. Well, except for a few things here and there. Let me expound.

When I first looked at the labs that were assigned to us, I felt myself slowly giving up. They seemed extremely complex and to be honest I was worried. However, after one very intense and indoors weekend, I attempted one and got something right. This was however with a lot of errors off course.

The errors it generated online really took me down a notch. However, when I expressed my concerns online, someone direct messaged me and offered to help. When he suggested what I should do and there were still errors, he worked with me till it worked. I was very impressed by this spirit of collaboration. The online platform; slack, this has to be the best thing about today. Whenever I was feeling frustrated, I just logged on and expressed my frustration and there was someone with the same problem or someone else willing to help.

I did not manage to submit my tasks on time. One of the tasks also gave me an error submitting. The online platform had issues for the better part of the morning. However, today was a good day. I learnt a lot and I actually enjoyed learning. I helped someone sort out their code. I learnt so much and got to implement it. The icing on the cake was that I am finally not terrified by those labs. I went through the list today and I ticked almost everything on the list off in my head.

All things held constant, I am a happy camper this evening.