“Walking is man’s best medicine.”


Good morning peeps, meditation done.

Quote for the Day:

“Walking is man’s best medicine.”


Yesterday, just after midday I began to feel really tired and drained. I had been working hard to complete a lot of tasks before travelling down to London for a couple of days of really important meetings and the pressure and build up of stress was beginning to take affect.

I knew I needed to relax and rejuvenate my body and mind before I headed to Inverness to catch the sleeper train, arrive in London for a breakfast meeting and then take another train down to Bristol for a day of meetings.

I made myself a nourishing lunch and then took an afternoon nap to recharge my body and mind.

I then got up and took Zeus and Zorro for a walk along the beach.

It felt great to be out in the fresh air, with every step I took I felt my mind unwinding, the sound of the waves lapping against the shore, the crunch of the pebbles underneath my Hunter wellies all added to the ambiance and sense of freedom. It was nippy, but the sky was pretty clear and the mountains looked magnificent in their entire splendor. I threw large stones for Zeus and Zorro to fetch and return a simple activity that keeps them occupied for literally hours, they never seem to get bored of it. I reached the point where I turn around, just as the tide began to come in and the light began to dim as the sun began to sink behind the distant mountains filling the sky with a glorious mixture of orange, yellow, purple and blue.

By the time I got home it was virtually pitch black and my mind was totally clear, I felt relaxed, refreshed and ready to jump in the bath and begin the long trek down to London.

Walking is another form of yoga to me and like yoga, walking has really helped me in all in all aspects of my life.

The more I walk, exercise and practice the stronger my breathing becomes and the more control of it I have and the calmer I have become.

The yoga poses and breathing teach me that if I control my breath I can control my mind. The pain and discomfort I feel in the awkward yoga poses, will go away if I breathe and stay calm. This mirrors situations in life which can seem impossible with no way out, but if you stay calm, focused and breathe then your head clears, the situation does not seem as bad as you first thought and you can see a way forward.

Yoga has taught me to focus my mind and not be distracted by outdoor forces and things that I cannot control.

I have also learnt that I cannot do all the poses or asana, but this is not failure, the point of yoga is not to be able to do all the poses, it is the daily process of trying to achieve them that is important. Because as soon as you have mastered a difficult pose, you will come across another one that you will feel is impossible, when you first start, but if you practice every day it will become a little bit easier as you improve every day.

This is the basis of my Elysium Way Training System.

The Elysium Way enhances and enriches lives allowing you to reach your full potential physically, mentally and spiritually.

And one of the main components of the Elysium Way is practicing yoga.

If you would like to improve your breathing and clear your mind by introducing yoga into your life or to strengthen your daily practice to help you focus, smile more and achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams?

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Have a Wonderful Wednesday peeps.

Take a walk to relax your body and mind and may all your dreams come true.

Breathe, Believe and Achieve

Be Happy, Healthy and Wise

Keep on Winning, Smiling and Living the Dream