“Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.”

Vince Lombardi

Good morning peeps, meditation done.

Quote for the Day:

“Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.”

Vince Lombardi

The key to becoming someone who makes winning a normal course of action is to adopt the mentality of a winner — a mentality that people who achieve greatness maintain consistently.

What is a winner’s mentality?

The Sky TV pundit Former Manchester United Captain Gary Neville says,

“A winning mentality is built up over a period of time. It’s not a case of being born with a good attitude and work ethic. It can grow inside you. You have to surround yourself with people that have accountability inside them. They want to win every single day. High standards have to be set.”

Bring out the best in your team

As a leader of a team or company you have to set the tone for a winning mentality. It’s down to you to create a winning environment. People blossom in an enjoyable atmosphere — one that encourages hard work and preparation.

Deal with disappointment

Winners understand that everything isn’t always going to go their way all the time. You will face adversity, but you can’t get too down when things are going badly and get too carried away when you’re doing well. The right mindset comes from having a belief in your ability and the confidence to overcome difficult moments.

Appoint lieutenants in the group

You need leaders in your group. You need characters that are going to set an example with the way they behave, act and work.

Employees and team mates work and socialise together so you as a leader needs to make sure they’re buying into the ethos all the time, especially when your not with them. This is where leaders in work place can really help.

Recruit winners

Gary goes on to reveal,

“People want to know how Sir Alex Ferguson installed the drive to keep going every single year, to keep winning trophies — that relentless nature that exists at United. He recruited the right type of players — players that had his traits. When you grow up around big players, the best players, who fight every single minute they’re on the pitch you think, ‘How can I not follow that?’ You pick up their habits.”

Are you ready to win?

Greatness will not magically appear in your life without significant accountability, focus, and optimism.

You need to give yourself credit for your achievements and celebrate your victories, whilst you strive for continual improvement.

It will take commitment to overcome the tendency to beat yourself up for mistakes and focus on where you fall short.

Being great isn’t easy. It is not supposed to be easy.

Developing habits toward achieving mental toughness and a winning mentality will result in great results and consistent success.

Everyone one loves a winner.

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.

“Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.”

May all your dreams come true.

Breathe, Believe and Achieve

Be Happy, Healthy and Wise

Keep on Winning, Smiling and Living the Dream