The Intersection of Tech and Green

Obviously, tech innovation and environmental awareness are a conscious aspect in most millennials today. Aspiring entrepreneurs now understand that the capabilities of building exponential value through a product or venture are made more possible today than it used to be decades ago, but they also know that what we create today can also have a tremendous effect for the decades to come. It is that conscious awareness and our noticeably hurting planet that is bringing young entrepreneurs together to build products with a purpose, not just to profit.

The notion of bringing those two together has become so important that corporations and governments are starting to work with young professionals who have a track record in innovation. The cooperation will pave the way for other aspiring game changers to build what can be valuable to our lives moving forward, betting on sustainable solutions implemented today for the benefit of tomorrow. That is why in the intersection of tech and so-called “green” we find companies and organizations creating challenges to make the proposal for change inclusive.

Challenges open for everyone to design change can revamp the concept that we do not need to be an engineer, scientist, tech entrepreneur or a social worker to influence change. Individuals with a sense of change can be part of organizations working for a cause, lead a team to develop new solutions, finance the development of revolutionizing products, or even promote them through media channels. Everywhere around the world, there are groups trying to fix the problems of carbon emission, water scarcity, poverty, and more. The case being so convincing that our academic institutions have joined the intersection and have started to mine into their texts that innovation and purpose are to go hand in hand.

Everyone can play a role that can bring professional value and contribute, and the bigger the momentum, the greater the reach. Environmental and social innovation can make an impact in the way we see markets and industries. Each one of us can do something that can make a significant change and leave our mark in history, or as the famous Steve Jobs used to say “Putting a ding in the universe.”