5 years since I got a phone call.
5 years since I learnt my friends were brutally murdered in their home.
5 years since the world lost a gem.

When Shizzy died, there was no Medium because I was thinking of tagging his handle just now.

I have written about this so much that I do not know what to say this time around, but I write because the memory is very fresh, and I want to keep his memory fresh.

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Shizzy was a 20 year old rapper studying Mechanical Engineering in the University of Maiduguri that was so full of life — before said life was brutally cut short.

He was talented, passionate, hard working, driven and a genius. Whatever he set his mind to, he achieved. As a rapper, Shizzy taught himself production, sound engineering and used his people skill to finesse countless hours of free studio time to improve his craft. He spent countless hours in the studio that we compared him to Lil Wayne who happened to be his role model.

Shizzy was also a talented visual artist. He inspired me to do Graphics Design and gave me my first pirated version of Photoshop. Even in engineering class, he kicked ass in using AutoCAD.

None of us had any doubts that Shizzy will be the superstar we all wanted to be. He had all the makings of it all. As life has moved on, and the rest of us have grown and matured and now have access to places we could only dream of then, I imagine where Shizzy would have been if he was still alive...

We miss you, Shizzy

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Entrepreneur, music aficionado, tech geek. Stephen is the founder of @codayetech, a software dev startup targeting the African market steve@codaye.com

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