White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

Everything you said about Tomi Lahren is absolutely true, but I have to disagree with your premise that a majority of white people saw it as a ‘reaching across the aisle’ moment.

I am a white man who thinks that Trumps election marks a turning point where we must stop trying to reason with white supremacists and other psychopaths, and the only thing left is to counter them at every turn. Trevor didn’t reach across the aisle, sure, he took the high road, because that’s what he does. But Lahren’s attempt to take the high road looks more like an illegal use of the HOV Lane. Everyone with any sense is quite aware that she has no valid points, that her statistics are made up BS, and that she is in the business of ruling up racist idiots.

Personally, I think she is an articulate idiot. Propped up by the ‘Alt Right’ (better known as KKK Lite) in hopes that liberal men will criticize just enough that they can point and say “See how horrible liberal men are to women?!?”

I’m not critical of women for being women. I’m critical of white supremacists for being and doing everything that I agree with you about what she is doing. Endangering black lives by riling up a bunch of racist idiots with made up BS about how dangerous People of Color are.