Judas Iscariot: Kissing the Merchandise (1)

Business lessons from a terrible guy.

I have often wondered why Judas Iscariot was a bad guy, as a boy I learnt from sunday school teachers he betrayed the master… the King, whose king? This wasn’t questioning faith itself, but why one act seems to have defined one man with impeccable qualities the world never sought to study or learn, because there was one thing he did, that cancelled all he ever did… he betrayed the Lord!

In the history of organized existence of man, there have always been trails and evidences of one bearing rule over the other, one seeking superiority, subverting, betraying or outright murder. All these exist for one reason, “ the promise of gain.”

If everyone sees the way Judas used to see...a lot of businesses would thrive for generations, if they could also avoid his pitfalls.

“Very little is told us in the Sacred Text concerning the history of Judas Iscariot beyond the bare facts of his call to the Apostolate, his treachery, and his death. His birthplace, as we have seen, is indicated in his name Iscariot, and it may be remarked that his origin separates him from the other Apostles, who were all Galileans. For Kerioth is a city of Judah. It has been suggested that this fact may have had some influence on his career by causing want of sympathy with his brethren in the Apostolate. We are told nothing concerning the circumstances of his call or his share in the ministry and miracles of the Apostles. And it is significant that he is never mentioned without some reference to his great betrayal.”

This is good, you got interested in the most blacklisted guy of all time, Judas Iscariot, and yeah, he was a bad bad boy. I’m sure regardless of your faith, you might want to use his face for a suckerpunch contest. Just before you get that opportunity, I think forgiveness is primarily key. Someone once said, it is better to live your life as a good example, or it will be used as a lesson, this is the lesson from his life, and very strong lessons.

So...breathe in, breathe out, now let’s talk about the lessons this bad guy thought you, but you missed out on.

I hated my calculus lecturer, and algebra, and trigonometry, and statistics, and all of mathematical courses generally, accounts for why I had to rewrite my O’Level exams countless times. My teachers were good, but I didn’t like them or the courses they taught, so naturally I never assimilated their lessons and therefore never learnt.

How does one learn from probably the worst of bad guys in the history of man, who betrayed not just a man, but the symbol of salvation for many, the son of God himself?

Judas was a characteristic entrepreneur, going by the age of new times. He was very insightful from every account according to the bible.Entrepreneurship is now a common phenomenon in the world today, as huge number of graduates compete for limited number of jobs. Professional CV development, application sorting and sieving, etc have become businesses on their own. Doing business is now the most logical way to survive, which at some point used to be the most preposterous thing anyone could think of.

Today, there are more graduates seeking more degrees in their chances to become outstanding enough to qualify for the available jobs. Jobs are dwindling by the thousands and the eminent need of jobs far outweighs the odds of getting one. Even worse, now technology is fast thinning out the number of jobs human beings can actually do… perhaps there is a job apocalypse coming for the human species, created by the human beings themselves.

Graduates and Non-graduates of this decade face unique challenges of the best of worst times in the modern history.

Today, most graduates are forced into entrepreneurship, primarily for the promise of quicker financial independence or the lack of it, either way there always seem to be a script of sorts.

Judas Iscariot

“Couldn't we have sold the ointment and give the money to the poor?”

A thief is what most religious people perceive him to be, Judas Iscariot was the only treasurer Jesus entrusted with all monetary resources for the entire duration of his mission on earth, three and a half years, not even the closest to him, not Peter, James or John. Jesus run evangelical campaigns from city to city, days and weeks at a stretch, Jesus never had to perform a miracle of material needs except times recorded in the Bible, which were the miracle of feeding the five thousand men with bread and fish, but never for his own sake. I bet he as bad as he was, he was a good manager of funds to the extent that the campaigns never suffered at any time.

Stealing is terrible, but he understood the goal of the campaign must be reached without fail, regardless of his own personal flaws.

Isn’t that what we keep doing to succeed in life? Managing our weaknesses and amplifying our strengths for the greater good and goals? He wasn’t perfect, but managing the financial stand of a campaign that has been told for generations is not a mean feat.

This is one of my opinions about this bad guy with a good lesson.

What do you think?