Better Not To Judge

When Jesus breaks up relationships, some people will judge and come against you in different ways. 
We might be wise not to judge people because we disagree with what they do, because you might be in the same situation as them one day.

God never makes a mistake. You may not know for years why you were placed where you are now. God knows all things and He knows how to get us where we need to be in DUE time move us into where He would have us be.

It is not wise to look down on people when you do not UNDERSTAND their relationship with Jesus. How many actually have the perfect marriage? How many of you have perfect relationships with others?

Jesus does have people in terrible marriages, and if He desires to move them out who are we to judge.

Jesus does have people who might have made a mistake on their job. Who are we to judge them since we do not what they are going through in life.

Jesus said do not judge because the way you judge will be the way you will receive judgement.

Let us allow the Holy Spirit to flow through and in us . Let us allow the Holy Spirit to finish His work within us.

Please remember everyone’s life story is different. Only God knows the truth.

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