Christians Can Enjoy Life

Jesus said in John 10 : 10, “ I have come that you may enjoy life and enjoy it abundantly. “

If we as Christians can not or do not enjoy this life God has given us we are most miserable. Jesus desires we enjoy this life while we are on this earth.

Christians go through many of the same problems others go through. Life is difficult sometimes, everything does not end the way we hoped. We face temptations, sickness, lack, sadness, and the list goes on, but we as Christians have a hope in Jesus.

Maybe Christians might do well to think of others more and how we could bring enjoyment into their lives. Many days God will allow someone to cross our path that needs a kind word. Many times others need someone to listen to them because they have a heavy heart.

There are so many ways Jesus can reveal Himself through us and touch others. You see, the Christian life is not about doom and gloom, but about a Risen Savior who desperately wants to reach out and show love, compassion, joy, gladness, mercy, and grace.

Yes the Christian life should be a life of joy and gladness because we have within us the ability to bless others through Jesus Christ who lives within each Christian. The abundant life comes through knowing and trusting Jesus and allowing Him to bless others through us.

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