“God Is Moving Some On and Some Out.”

All the things YOU have been through has brought you to this place in your life. Up to now it has been a training up for much greater things God has for you. What you thought were mistakes and wrong decisions, were just detours.

God never left you even though you could not feel His presence or hear His Voice at times, God never left you.

Now is the time to go forward in the things God has for you. Many can not accomplish the things God has for them where they are, they will be moving on in the Spirit and flesh.

There is coming a time when God will remove all the ones who can not make this journey with you, but do not fear, God will have others who have been submissive to the Holy Spirit. They have gone through the testing and have been tried. They have not turned but have focused on Jesus as their strength.

God is setting His people free to be in a place they have desired. This is a place where they can be loved and show love. God is bringing you forth in what He has called you to be.

God is setting you free just like He led Israel out of bondage to the Egyptians, He is also leading you out of bondage to others. God spoke to Pharoah, " Let My people go." This is the Word God is speaking today. Pharoah Let My People Go!

God bless you and and enjoy your journey.

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