God Will Give You Strength And Peace.

There is nothing that surprises God. People make choices daily. It is interesting that many people men or women treat others badly, say words that hurt deeply, and blames the other person for His or her problems.

People have tantrums, burst of anger, rage, or hate for others and blames the other person for all the problems he or she . person. Proverbs says , A man speaks from his heart. Wow!!

Amen abusive person will not say he or she is sorry for the words he or she says, or the way he or she acted. You can tell instead of the person really being sorry for their actions or words, others are to blame for their actions and words.

Abusive people say they must say or do something that would hurt others, just to make the person who said the hurtful and hateful words or actions feel relieved. There are many problems with the anger and hateful words and actions the person said or did, but then usually tries to have a pity party, in this way he or she feels they do not have to take responsibility for their actions and words, so things roll on for a few days or weeks, then the same cycle begins again.

Abusive people do not think they have done anything wrong, they act as though they do know why you are upset. Again this is part of abuse because the abusive person knows what He or she did but because of their pride they refuse to repent. Abusive people always want the person or people he or she is abusing to believe the other person is over reacting or accusing them of something they did, but usually the abusive person knows what he or she did or said, but feels good when He or she feels the other person is not mad with them. It is usually a matter of time before the abusive words or actions start again.

An abusive person I have explained may blame demons, their parents, situations, home environment, their word, or their physical condition, but it all comes to the fact he or she has to repent, you can rebuke demons all day, or try to blame others, but it is the abuser must repent of their sins accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.

The BIG QUESTION is when is enough, actually enough? That is a decision the abused person must answer, then do what is in your heart next.

Jesus loves the abused and the abuser. Jesus will direct the abused step by step of what to do. The choice is the abused person.

Jesus is the only answer, He can change a person’s heart, you will know by their fruit.

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