James 4 : 7

Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee.

If a Christian desires to live an OVERCOMING life He or she must submit to God, then you can resist Satan and he will flee. We in our own power or strength are no match for Satan. 1st Peter tells of the wiles or tricks of Satan. We can easily be deceived if we are not submitted to God. Our strength as Christians comes as we submit every area of our lives to Jesus.

Jesus said in Luke 10 : 19,” I give you authority to treat upon scorpions, serpents, and all power of the enemy and no harm shall come unto you.”

The Gospel is Jesus, not doctrine, church membership, tithing, or good works. The Gospel is repentance and accepting JESUS as your personal Savior and Lord. Jesus said in John 14 :6, “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father expect through Me.” Only through the shed Blood of JESUS can we have Eternal Life.

There are two forces that battle us from submitting to God. Satan is the first, second is our flesh. If you give your unfulfilled expectations, your dreams, and your desires to Jesus truly from your heart, God will take them and give you His. You may say I thought the expectations were from God, and if I give all these up, what will I Have? The answer is Jesus, you will be submitted to Jesus. You see if you base your future on expectations or the words of others, you will surely fail. We have to be absolutely honest with God. Jesus knows my heart but often we clutter our minds with things man says and not what God says. Our mind is the battle ground and often times our mind is so cluttered trying to do things for God we seldom stop to pour out our hearts to God.

People who know me are aware I enjoy drinking DIET COKE. The bottle or can is usually full and I have to drink some if I wanted to add more to the can or bottle. It is the same with God, we must confess, repent, and ask God to take the things that have kept you defeated. It does not mean what you have based your expectations on are wrong, but they become blocks for you and you can not go any farther.

The Scripture is true, if we submit to God, Satan will flee. The first thing is allow God to cleanse your mind on everything the Holy Spirit reveals to you and then you can stand against Satan and defeat him.

Father search my mind and my heart reveal to me the things I have been holding on to that have caused me to stumble. Lord Jesus I will release this heavy load and allow Your Spirit to flow through me.

In Jesus Name

I will write an article concerning our battle with our flesh soon.

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