You’re kind of mansplaining here with the link to the Wikipedia page about NPD and all, but I get…
Brigid McKenna

(Sorry ‘bout the mansplaining thing…I’m a man…we do that!)

I think that if you have to explain to people that the meaning of a word has changed — then it probably hasn’t *yet* changed enough to use the new meaning in carefully considered, thoughtful writing. :-)

Mindfuckery does also cover it. But the audience is widely split. There are those who take the latest proclamation-tweet as gospel. There are others who spot the rapid tweaking of the gaslight knobs and kinda gloss over it as “just Trump being Trump”. Then there are those of us who look beneath the flip-flops and wild leaps and see a deeply disturbed personality and a very dangerous time ahead.

What he does when someone disses him is to go off into wild rants and frantic, flailing efforts to crush the person who dared to say something he doesn’t like. These rants turn a small, offhand comment about a lack of attendance at the inaugural into a major press event. If he’d just ignored it, it would have been forgotten by the next news cycle. He could have said “Most of my supporters are too busy looking for work to have time to travel to inaugurals”…and he’d have gotten across a valid point and easily deflected criticism. As it is, the fact that the audience was smaller than expected is occupying all of the headlines and crowding out any important stuff he might want to convey. He’s forcing people to lie on his behalf — embarrassing those who he has to rely upon to speak for him.

This is NPD writ large! An NPD victim simply CANNOT give up when they’ve been spoken of badly. That’s a scary thing in a president!

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