The presidential polling — it is what it is. Trump’s campaign and many of his supporters are trying to put the best spin possible on the numbers. I get that, but they are suggesting that the polls are rigged. They are not.
I Will Never Lie to You
Dana Perino

The correct response to these supporters is: “How do you know that the polls are rigged?” — it’s a very significant question.

Whenever these kinds of wild assertions are made — the very first response must always be “How do you know that?” — because if someone can tell me how they know something, I can check their sources, and then I’ll be convinced. But when someone just tosses out a comment like “The polls were rigged” without any explanation for how they know that — then my reaction to that is going to be disbelief.

If they’re just guessing that Trump has more support than the polls are saying — then they’re also just guessing that the polls are wrong. How can anyone *know* how much support he has without…um…running a poll? So either:

a) Run a demonstrably-not-rigged poll and compare the numbers that come back to the other polls


b) Find some actual evidence of the rigging (under-cover payments to polling companies or whatever)

Neither of those things seems to have happened.

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