There are men in your community who would use their positions of power (or even just their white, male, privilege which gives them power anyway) to look at you, or your daughter, and say they’d “grab them by the pussy” given the opportunity. Maybe they wouldn’t even need the opportunity, because when men are powerful they “can do anything.”
Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

Trumps reaction to it is more important than what he said. His “apology” — saying that it was “just locker room” is as demeaning to men as his original comment was to women.

FWIW: NO! Not all men talk like that, in locker rooms or elsewhere.

As for “It was more than 10 years ago” — he makes it sound like it was some youthful indiscretion that has been erased by his growing maturity. Well, consider this: he was 59 years old when he said that. If you haven’t matured by the time you’re in your late 50’s — then it’s not going to get any better in your 70's.